Sunday, July 3, 2011

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Yesterday was my fourth CrossFit day for the week. It was at 7 am - nice and cool outside and I had had the night off from work although I stayed up all night.
At the Box -- Audra had us do a Filthy Fifty --- -- heavens it's a bad workout --- Took me 48 minutes and 18 seconds.
50 of everything:
Box jumps (12")
walking lunges
barbell snatches with 33 lb bar
wall balls with 14 lb ball
jumping pull ups (I had to be reminded to drop down with knees bent)
back extensions (I did 25, not 50)
I was totally wiped out at the end.
I went to Whole Foods and bought duck legs, coconut ice cream (no added suger)
Bison steaks goat milk butter (so delicious I could eat it like chocolate candy).
I took a nap for the rest of the day then I went to work at VMC at 2300. I was so stiff and sore - particularly my shoulders that I caved and took 800 mg Ibuprofen. Then on my break at 0115 I stretched out on the couch and actually fell asleep for 45 minutes.
For the rest of the night I helped out with a few admissions and deliveries and then had my own admission who I thought would deliver before day shift but she didn't
Now I have 3 nights off from work. I will start my 50 burpees / day tomorrow.