Thursday, April 22, 2010

I have a blog?

Somewhere along the line I must have picked out a name for a blog and today I rediscovered it.
I actually have an official blog ! Who knew?

Today is earth day --- I hung my clothes on the line to dry --- that's my contribution. Actually I have a lovely Hills Folding Clothesline imported from Australia via Canada (now there is an official US website too). It is an incredibly well manufactured piece of equipment, and I have it mounted on my side fence with a nice lattice screen in front of it and a brick patio underneath. The brick patio is actually our recycled chimney bricks from the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake. I use my clothes line all through the Spring, Summer and Autumn. It's located under a big fruitless Mulberry tree which doesn't really cause a problem --- I've never had birds christen the clothes --- the leaf canopy is actually so dense that I don't think bird poop would make it as far as the clothes. It folds down against the fence but I always have it up, never folded down. It doesn't matter that in the Summer and Autumn there is no direct sunlight on the clothes. Mostly the air around here in San Jose is so dry that the clothes dry in the shade, even without a breeze, protected from fading in the sun. As for the complaint about crispy textured line dried towels --- sometimes after drying, I will place them in the dryer on the air setting and tumble them for a while to soften them --- it works fine although I actually love the smell of line dried towels and the crispy factor is just something I grew up with and it feels "right" to me.